Valentine’s Day Factoids

Our friends at Pearl & Associates have put together this infographic with a few interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, the history of this holiday is interesting! We hope you enjoy the day, however you choose to spend it. 

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V-Day infogram

5 Things to Expect When It Snows in Chattanooga

1. (Kind of) Joking Panic – Chattanoogans laugh at ourselves while we are at the grocery store buying bread “just in case.”

2. Schools will close – Officials in Chattanooga generally prefer safe over sorry. Sometimes the forecast of a possibility of snow is backyard snowenough for schools to be closed.

3. Speculation – When there is the slightest chance of snow, or if a stray flake is spotted, it becomes the main topic of conversation as residents discuss the likelihood of another blizzard like the one in ’93.

4. Businesses will close – Either because kids are out of school, or because people are really afraid to drive (even as they joke about how other people can’t drive in the snow), employees and business owners will stay home when it snows.

5. Muddy snowmen – The barest inch of snow is enough for kids in Chattanooga to build snowpeople, even if there are patches of mud helping hold the snowy constructions together.

What To Do in Nooga in January

January is a month of recovery for many families. After a month or so of indulgent eating, many people are thinking of health and fitness. The rounds of holiday gatherings and parties from Thanksgiving until New Year’s leaves many people craving some quiet time. And of course, some of us need a month or two to recover financially!

With all of that in mind, here are a few activities that your family may find appealing during the month of January in Chattanooga:

Georgia Winery January Sale

Bundle up for outdoor fun in Nooga in January!

Bundle up for outdoor fun in Nooga in January!

Local wine? Yes, please! Stock up at the Georgia Winery January Sale.

Racoon Mountain Cavern Expedition

For many families in the area, cold temperatures limit time spent outdoors, but you can get in some nature time comfortably exploring the natural caverns at Racoon Mountain.


Take in a performance art extravaganza. That should brighten even the dreariest January Day!


The Chattanooga Area Food Bank Annual fundraiser at Track 29 will feature a miniature “city” for attendees to explore and enjoy. There will be street performers, food, music — all benefitting a great cause!

Game Night

Host a game night – either family game night, or a friendly poker night, or some combination. Sometimes, the best entertainment is the kind enjoyed with friends and family.

These are only a few ideas, of course. There are also plenty of parks, climbing walls, trails for hiking, movie theaters, and more for families in Chattanooga to enjoy. We’d love to hear what your family likes to do. Share your favorite January activities in the comments!