5 Things to Expect When It Snows in Chattanooga

1. (Kind of) Joking Panic – Chattanoogans laugh at ourselves while we are at the grocery store buying bread “just in case.”

2. Schools will close – Officials in Chattanooga generally prefer safe over sorry. Sometimes the forecast of a possibility of snow is backyard snowenough for schools to be closed.

3. Speculation – When there is the slightest chance of snow, or if a stray flake is spotted, it becomes the main topic of conversation as residents discuss the likelihood of another blizzard like the one in ’93.

4. Businesses will close – Either because kids are out of school, or because people are really afraid to drive (even as they joke about how other people can’t drive in the snow), employees and business owners will stay home when it snows.

5. Muddy snowmen – The barest inch of snow is enough for kids in Chattanooga to build snowpeople, even if there are patches of mud helping hold the snowy constructions together.