Secrets 2 Staging – A Slight Twist on #LovingtheLocal

Each week, we like to feature an outstanding local business here on theNoogaLife. This week, instead of our usual format, we would like to share a guest post from business owner Theresa Maddox, owner of Secrets


before staging

2 Staging. Theresa helps homeowners and real estate agents ready houses for the market. If you would like to learn more about her business, you can reach her at 423-987-3054, or send her an email at

My goal in working with realtors and their clients is to help home buyers to visualize the house as “their home” and guiding sellers in staging their house to show off its best features.

Once a home is put on the market it becomes a house, a marketable product.  The goal is to sell the house as quickly as possible and for the highest price.  Statistically staged homes sell for 10-20 percent more than non-staged homes.  94% of staged homes sell with 33 days compared to non staged homes which sell in 144 days, according to the website

When you go to a play, the scenery on the stage is set to give you information of where you are, or what the actors are doing.  That is the goal in staging a home for potential buyers.  We want to show off the features and focal points of the home, not the personal “stuff” of the home owner.

I like to tell my clients that staging is the first step in packing.  If you can box up thinks that are stuffed in closets, cabinets and drawers, precious breakables and hardly used item you are working your way toward moving.    It’s also a great time to donate items that you are not planning on using in your next house.

The three most important steps in staging a home are de-personnalizing, de-cluttering and cleaning.  Removing paper back books, packing up personnel photos and collectibles gives more space to help potential


after staging

buyers see the architecture of the home and visualize themselves in the home.  We are all attached to our personal things and the memories they create but these things might keep a buyer from seeing potential in the home.  Each room in the home needs to welcome guest into the room so they can mentally want to place their furniture and themselves in the room.

The finished product, is the selling of the home.  I love finding out that the house has sold.  The client is happy, the realtor is happy and so am I.  When working with homeowners, you really get to know a lot about them, their families and their lifestyles.  Everyone has reached the goal and the results are worth the effort.


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