#LovingtheLocal: The Longhorn Restaurant

Not too long ago, our friend @ModernSauce posted a photo of The Longhorn Restaurant on Instagram. That got us thinking about how many awesome local businesses there are in Chattanooga, and how they get overshadowed by the chains so often. Everyone knows about The Waffle House, right? But not nearly so many people know about The Longhorn Restaurant. You’ve probably driven past it on North Market:

Longhorn sign (correct)

photo credit: ModernSauce



You may be wondering what’s so great about The Longhorn? Here are just a few things we love about it:

  • The look — the vintage decor sets the mood for an excellent diner meal.
  • The food — it’s just GOOD.
  • The service — friendly and thorough.

The Longhorn is only open for breakfast and lunch, and is located at 129 North Market Street — in the same plaza as Taco Mamacita and ClearSpring Yoga. You can’t miss the oddly shaped building.

In an effort to share some of our other favorite local spots, we are starting a new series called Loving the Local. Each week, we’ll feature a business, organization, or citizen who helps make Chattanooga a great place to live.  Our friends at Pearl & Associates Real Estate have decided to show some local love, too. They are giving away a $25 gift certificate to The Longhorn Restaurant (plenty for breakfast for two!) on May 1. There are two ways to enter the drawing:

1. Subscribe to the Pearl & Associates newsletter. You’ll get emails once or twice a month about all sorts of local real estate topics — how to sell a home faster, what kind of credit score and savings you need to buy a home, special programs, taking care of your house, and much more.

2. If you are already subscribed, you can still enter the drawing. Simply forward the Pearl & Associates newsletter to a friend.

Do you have a favorite locally owned business that you’d like us to feature? Let us know in the comments!

Authentic Latin food in Nooga

Are you looking for some authentic Latin food? Then look now further than Conga Latin Food. Located in the South side district at 207 E. Main Street, Conga Latin Food has some uniquely Latin food.

Walking into the restaurant I was greeted by the friendly staff and the brightly colored walls, and playing in the background was Cecilia Cruz, a classic Cuban favorite. Once I heard the music I was convinced this was authentic! It is a seat yourself place so I found my seat and the waitress came over with plantain chips and three sauces for the chips, a mango flavor, salsa verde, and a onion and cilitrano based sauce. YUM!

The menu is small but all Latin. When I saw the empandas I knew it was a must have for me. Guava empandas con queso are a favorite and I was hoping these would hold up, and I was not disappointed. I have been back three times all ready in the past two weeks. Once, just getting some to go.

The menu also includes Salvadorian pupusas which I must say are very good, along with black beans, yucca, tostanes and some other traditional Latin Food. If you are looking for authentic Latin food this is the place for you!