#LovingtheLocal with HooNew

This week’s #lovingthelocal business is HooNew, owned and operated by Evelyn Johnston. Evelyn’s booth is located in Redbriar Antiques in East Ridge, which has been open justHooNew owl over one week. She sells whimsical, funky, fun home decor and furnishings. Some of her items are repurposed, and some are just cool.

Evelyn created her first commissioned art piece at the age of 12. That is to say, she has always enjoyed crafting, creating art, and finding beauty in surprising places. When her daughter got married, she relied on Evelyn’s talents to get the vintage look and feel she wanted for the wedding. Evelyn says they visited thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales looking for the perfect pieces.

The whole experience gave Evelyn the desire to do more. She first opened a booth in the shop The Green Door, which was located on Georgia Avenue and later moved to the North Shore. Evelyn enjoyed being part of the shop and knew after the store closed she wanted to continue. She feels she has found her place at Red Briar.

Evelyn says that she “loves to do something unconventional” with her work. She likes bold, unusual color combinations, such as aqua and red. “I want my work to be

The HooNew booth at Red Briar

The HooNew booth at Red Briar

inspiring and different — but not different in a weird way,” she jokes.

You can see some of Evelyn’s pieces on her Facebook page, and also on Instagram. Redbriar Antiques is having a huge Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday, May 10, and if you mention seeing this post, Evelyn will offer you 10% off at her booth.