It’s Spring. Are You Cleaning?

This post was written by local freelance writer Dava Stewart. She’s a better writer than she is housekeeper.

I wish I could tell you that my house gets two thorough cleanings per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The best I can do is say I pink dustpanintend to wash my blinds twice a year. I’m easily distracted in the spring — by the garden, books, movies, my dogs, and almost anything else that will keep me from wiping down baseboards. There are just as many fun things to do in the fall. So, every year, I make lists of big housekeeping projects but rarely actually do them.

With Pinterest around, it’s easier than ever to find helpful hints and tricks when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Chattanooga offers a few great resources as well. Local professional organizer Julie Bestry, who has been profiled on thenoogalife before, writes a great blog called The Paper Doll, where she offers lots of organizational advice for those of us who…ahem…struggle in that arena.

On Facebook, I follow a company located in Copper Hill, TN called The MountainClean Team . They offer tons of ideas for nontoxic cleaning. Things like “use half a lemon and some salt to scrub the sink” are right up my alley. If I can remember to buy lemons.

Recently, the team at Pearl & Associates Real Estate have been sharing some excellent tips for staging that could easily double as spring cleaning tips.

What about you? Do you do any extra spring cleaning? Do you paint your porch rails every spring or wash the drapes on May Day?