Milk and Honey hits the spot

  Milk and Honey is a brand new addition to the northshore area. Today I decided to take my daughter (Lil) out for a mother/daughter lunchdate and we chose the milk and honey gelato bar. It was a hit! We both loved the funky atmosphere and Lil really loved that she could sit outside and still see inside, at the indoor/outdoor counter seating.  Aside from the fact that I wanted to spend time with my sweet daughter I also wanted to check out two of the new flavors of gelato. The Ecto-Cooler and Butterbeer flavors. First let me say that if you grew up in the 80’s/90’s you are most likely familiar with the ghost buster’s cartoon but in case you are not, watch this clip: who ya gonna call Pure awesomeness, right?! Well with the spawn of that awesome show came the drink ecto-cooler by Hi-C. This and ninja turtle pies by hostess were a huge thing for our generation. When I heard that milk and honey had the ecto-cooler flavor, it I had to try it, and it did not FAIL! I loved the flavor, it was dead on, the only thing that would have made it a bit better was if it had been a brighter shade of green. Nothing says you are drinking delicious slime like that eye punching shade of chemical green. Even without the correct hue, the flavor was spot on and I was taken back to my childhood.

The second flavor that I was there to try was Butterbeer! I am a harry potter fan, and when I say that I am not talking about one of those people who saw some of the movies and says they are a fan. I am a hardcore harry potter nerd complete with: full ravenclaw house costume and authentic robes, a remembral, a monster book of  monsters that actually bites, an alivan’s wand and a wand from Ollivander’s at harry potter world in Universal Studios Florida. I even have a beautiful trophy that proudly states that I won the costume contest at the triwizard ball this past year, I also have a deathly hallows tattoo and of course have read the books and watched the movies all too many times to count. With all of that being said, I am an extremely harsh judge of Harry Potter themed foods. I loved the butterbeer at HP world but not from the cart, the butterbeer inside the Hogshead brewery was perfection and I was transported into the books. So needless to say I was more than skeptical when I sat down to try my butterbeer gelato. I apprehensively took a bite, then another and another and soon the cup was empty. I am still not sure how that happened, but I blame the nargles. No seriously though it was fantastic! I worry about writing this and sending it into the world for fear that when I go in tomorrow they will be out of the amazing butterbeer gelato. Aside from the wonderful gelato  and the awesome atmosphere the service was impeccable. Lil and I both enjoyed our gelato and had a fun time. Don’t walk, run to this place! Seriously before the nargles eat the gelato….

The domestic fruit loop.

The interior of  Milk and Honey

The interior of Milk and Honey

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