Review of the Yellow Deli

yellow deliThe Domestic Fruitloop, a local Nooga reader,  reviews the Yellow Deli.

I lead a very hectic life. I get up at 4:30 am and go to bootcamp, then I come home, make breakfast, wake my daughter up and help her get ready for school. After I drop her off at school I usually need to get back home to do things. However there are certain days where I get a bit of quiet time. I relish this time and my favorite place to spend it is at the yellow deli. The yellow deli is a quaint restaurant off of Mccallie. When you walk in you are greeted warmly but not aggressively by the waiters. The decor harkens back to a fairy cottage from a tale in my childhood and the light tinkling music that plays puts me in an instant state of peace. After I sit down I order a Hibiscus cooler. It is the best drink, a fruit punch of sorts but with the perfect mix of sweet and tart. When we moved here 6 years ago I still ate gluten (I didn’t know that it was the reason that I was sick) so when we would go to the yellow deli I loved to order the yellow submarine. It’s a vegetarian sandwich that changes between three different spreads daily. My favorite of the spreads is the hummus. Later I really enjoyed getting a turkey and provolone with avocado on an onion roll.  This sandwich would come to the table in all it;’s sheer perfection. It was melty and warm and cheesy and delicious. Now that I eat gluten free, it’s difficult for me to find things to eat at certain restaurants. However, at the yellow deli i get the cranberry cashew salad and it is divine. The greens are crisp and dark, the radishes and carrots are sliced so thinly that they really even out the overall texture of the salad, which also boasts large chunks of white cheddar, dried cranberries and spiced cashews. The dressing is a sweet balsamic that is house made. While I love the food, what really makes this place a special retreat for me, is the atmosphere. It’s calming, relaxing and inviting. After I have finished a meal there I will sometimes simply sit and read. I never feel rushed or hurried and I get to enjoy a simple pleasure that normally as a busy mom I would not. The yellow deli is a calm oasis in the midst of a hectic city and I would highly recommend it for a nice quiet meal.