#LovingtheLocal with The Chatt Inn

If you need a hotel in Chattanooga, but you prefer to do business with locally owned operations rather than chains, you may want to visit The Chatt Inn. Clean rooms, free wifi, a pool, and reasonable rates make this hotel just right for a quick … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with Northshore/Realty Center Insurance

When you are looking for insurance it helps to have an agent who will be honest and keep your best interests at the forefront of any conversation, and that is exactly what you will get when you deal with the representatives at Northshore/Realty … [Continue reading]

Lunch at Taco Mamacita

As a buyer's agent at Pearl & Associates Real Estate, Stevie Corbitt doesn't have much time for long, relaxing lunches during the busy week. She described her recent experience having lunch at Taco Mamacita on North Market Street for the … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with Natural Affinity Soaps

  If you love creamy, good-smelling, natural, hand-crafted soaps you need to visit Natural Affinity Soaps. The shop, physically located at 131 Cherry Street in Dunlap, TN, is owned by Chris and Denisea Mann. Their products are also available … [Continue reading]

Where Do You Take Guests?

When guests come to visit you in Chattanooga, where do you always take them? Do you hit the hot tourist spots? After all, Rock City is nice, and if you aren’t claustrophobic then Ruby Falls is gorgeous. Of course the Aquarium is a jewel, so that … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with Mountain Top Toys

Whether you have kids or not, chances are you'll find something to love about Mountain Top Toys. We asked Patrick Holland to share a little about the shop's history and he sent us this excellent description: Mountain Top Toys has been serving … [Continue reading]

Eating at Elemental

  This post was written by Dava Stewart and Laura Howard, who are friends, long-time Chattanooga residents, and fans of delicious food. They visited Elemental on Tuesday, July 8. Sometimes things become trendy because they are good. One of … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with the UNFoundation

Have you ever felt like you want to help Chattanooga be better but just had no idea how to go about it? Would you like to volunteer but can’t because your schedule is simply too full of work and family commitments? Do you wish you could afford to … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with Alan Neal & Associates

Alan Neal is a professional and good at what he does. He also courteous, punctual, and detail-oriented -- all the qualities you want in a CPA. Alan is the owner of Alan Neal & Associates, a financial advisory, accounting, and tax firm located in … [Continue reading]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Ashwood Subdivision

Chattanooga is filled with different types of communities: you can live in an urban environment, out in the country, or somewhere in between. Over the next few months thenoogalife.com is going to spotlight a few of the places 'Noogans live, and what … [Continue reading]

#LovingtheLocal with #RunChattanooga

This week we'd like to introduce you to Courtney Bird, who is at the center of an enthusiastic group of people interested in running, #RunChattanooga. It's free, it looks like a LOT of fun, and it's guaranteed to get you moving. Courtney is the … [Continue reading]

Chattanooga Teams

  Last week, we talked about where you can go to play sports in Chattanooga. This week: it's all about where you can go to watch sports. Chattanooga may not be a big city, but there are plenty of teams to cheer for! First, there are … [Continue reading]