#LovingtheLocal with Push Hard Lumber Company

Rudd and Becky Montgomery operate Push Hard Lumber Company from their home. The shop is just steps away from their beautiful, rustic cabin, and their lush flower gardens make the view outstanding. Push Hard is locally owned and operated, and uses local lumber to the extent possible. The vast majority of the furniture built at Push Hard is from reclaimed lumber, though they will also sawmill trees that have fallen or been taken down by someone else. Rudd says, “We never sentence trees to death.”

Push Hard creations are unique pieces of art and are ¬†of heirloom quality. Whether you need a chair, bench, table, stool, or mantel, if you purchase it from Rudd, you will be getting something that will last for generations. You are welcome to visit the shop — it’s best to call 423-517-0089 first to make sure Rudd will be there to talk with you and give you directions — or, you can see Push Hard work at the gallery Area 61 on Main Street.